Together, we can make the changes we want to see in the world.

As stated in the Sustainable Development Goal 17, a successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, business and civil society. By partnering up with businesses and organisations in the Maastricht region, Arbor aims to act local, but impact global.


Athos Eats - Makes - Does

The production of our notebooks takes place at the social organization Athos, where people with a distance to the labor market come to learn and work. The Athos - Arbor team of five produce the notebooks and go to partner locations to pick up paper waste.

Maastricht University

We partner with the Maastricht University to place our green boxes in different faculties. Students put their one-sided printed paper in our boxes, which eventually ends up in our notebooks.


Jan van Eyck Art Academy

The Jan van Eyck Art Academy provides us their artsy test prints, which we reuse and repurpose as the front covers of our notebooks.


The Student Hotel - Maastricht

At The Student Hotel Maastricht, we put our green boxes, one in each kitchen, where students and guests deposit their frozen pizza and cereal boxes.

Gulpener Brewery

The Gulpener Brewery supplies Arbor with their left-over six-pack carton, an element you see in our back cover.

Do you want to lend a hand, become a partner and contribute to our impact community in Maastricht, and more?

We would love to have you on our journey. Join us!