• Can I choose a cover when I order a notebook online?
    As we have so many unique designs from the Jan van Eyck Art Academy it is impossible to choose a front cover on our website. What we can provide is that we send you a pic via Whatsapp/e-mail once you ordered with our variety what we have in stock at that moment. When you don’t reply within 24 hours, we randomly pick on and ship it off to you <3.
  • How can I hand in my own paper waste?
    Thanks so much for contributing! You can contact us via this form. If you are connected to the UM then you can also deposit the paper in one of our green boxes.
  • How do you guarantee the privacy on the paper that is handed in?
    We'll certainly take that into account. Of course, it is not our intention to distribute personal data through our notebooks. We therefore ask our sources to pay attention to this themselves. The paper is also checked one by one at the social workplace, this way we reduce this risk as much as possible.
  • How can I return my product?
    Not satisfied with your order? We're very sorry to hear that. Please get in contact with us before you send your order back to us. We would love to hear your reason and will come to a suitable arrangement we make sure you are happy with. Your feedback is gold.
  • What is the shipping time?
    This depends on what kind of order you placed.
    When you ordered a general notebook, we ship within 5 working days but often earlier.  
    When you want a customized notebook, we will determine the production and shipping time together. 
  • What do you mean with “precycled”?

    As we save paper from the recycling bin and we use paper to its fullest potential, we call our notebooks ‘precycled’. One step before recycling!

  • Why is your product ‘social and sustainable’?
    We aim to reuse paper in any kind of form (blanco and one-sided paper saved from the recycle bin, test prints of art paper, your frozen pizza boxes, or old flyers for example) AND we want to include people with a distance to the labor market in our production process of our beautiful notebooks. We also want to create an impact community of organisations, businesses and people who care about our world. With people like you! Together we reuse to reduce.