We're out to build a better (book) shelf!

Our mission starts with changing the way we look at 'paper waste'. We believe that current paper waste streams that go straight to the recycling bin can be improved. 
The paper we collect is one-sided printed and blank (!) Paper that else ends up in the recycle bin. We want to inspire reuse of materials that are initially seen as waste, using paper to its fullest potential. 

So why does this matter?

We all know that paper comes from a tree. But often we don't stop to think what that implicates. Trees need to be cut down to access the pulp. It takes  10 L of water  to produce one A4 sheet of paper.  
At Arbor - Precycled Notebooks we are very open about where our paper comes from and who are partners are. We believe that creating innovative partnerships to save paper together is key in achieving sustainability. 

Our social mission

We work with the social organization Athos Maastricht. Our notebooks are produced together with our Athos Arbor team, a team with a diverse range of people. We believe that everyone is part of society and should be included in our goal to make our notebooks a natural choice when you choose to buy a notebook.


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