Including our Athos team members

Our notebooks are produced at Athos , where we guide and work with young boys who experience a distance from the labor market.

Reusing your paper waste

By reusing one-sided printed paper, we aim to not only reduce paper waste, but also raise awareness about sustainability in the community.

Creating an impact community

We believe in partnering up to work together for common goals. We constantly look for new paper partners. Are you keen to join us ?

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Would you like to volunteer in a sustainable start-up?
Contribute to making a positive impact on the world?

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We are change-makers in the sense how we look at waste, reuse to reduce . In the production process of our notebooks we work closely with the social organization Athos, where our notebooks are made with love and made by hand.

The way to move towards a circular and inclusive world is to change the way we feel about and look at waste and people, and our notebooks are one way of doing that.


Our notebook symbolises how partnerships between organizations and companies can make an impact in  the transition towards a circular economy .

The cover, our first page, the one-sided printed paper and the back cover all originate from companies and organizations located in the Maastricht region.

Our product is unique in every way - a real eye catcher and the start of a good conversation.

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